Here To Meet Your Needs


We at Pocadiz Bridal Boutique understand the importance of looking your best for your event. This is why we are proud to carry a wide range of Gowns, tuxedos and accessories, which cover all your bases, with quality in mind. Whether you seek for a conservative outfit, or something that will stand out above and beyond anything the other guests will be able to imagine, you can be certain that we can cater to your need.

In business for well over 14 years using the skills of the experienced obtained from 22 years as a seamstress, Guadalupe has been able to create Pocadiz Bridal, which through the years, has developed a long standing reputation with all it’s customers that is based on dependability and top notch service that is simply hard to match.

Our first priority is to help you. Please feel free to stop by our establishment and speak to any of our representatives regarding anything you may need or want for you event, be it Prom, Quinceañera, Wedding, or any other social event that is important to you.

Boutique Policies

1. All sales are final. There are NO returns, exchanges, refunds or transferred credits on any item sold at Pocadiz Bridal Boutique. No exceptions due to the nature of the business.

2. Special/custom order garments require a minimum of 3-6 months for production depending on the manufacturer & all ship dates are approximate. The manufacturer reserves the right to change a ship date based on their production schedule.

3. When placing a special order, please review your invoice to ensure that the style, size and color are correct. Sizes are only recommended based upon the specific manufacturer’s size chart that you are ordering from and the measurements taken at Pocadiz Bridal Boutique.  We are not responsible for measurements NOT taken at Pocadiz Bridal Boutique. Pocadiz  will not be held responsible for the fit of your garment should you choose a size other than our recommendation.

4. When selecting color options on special order/custom items, it is recommended that a color swatch be brought in to match. We do not order based upon pictures or color names. Pocadiz is not responsible for color selections chosen by the customer.

5. Pocadiz Bridal Boutique is not responsible for the fit or additional costs (alterations or materials needed) due to weight loss/gain, illness, pregnancy or plastic surgery.

6. The customer will be notified upon arrival of the special ordered merchandise. Any remaining balance on special ordered merchandise is to be paid in full when the merchandise is received by Pocadiz Bridal Boutique or any time before & will only be held for 30 days.

7. All merchandise must be picked up within 7 days of the wedding date on file or it will become property of Pocadiz Bridal Boutique.  It is not our responsibility to contact you after the wedding date has passed in regards to any merchandise left behind. If a wedding is cancelled for any reason, no refund or credit will be given.

8. Once merchandise is removed from Pocadiz Bridal Boutique, we are no longer responsible for the care or condition of the item. Please inspect before you leave the store. You may purchase a vinyl or white cloth zipper garment bag here for $15.

9. All in stock, off-the-rack merchandise is sold “As Is” unless previously discussed with owner and in written agreement.

10. All in stock, off-the-rack merchandise may be held for 24 hours only.